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the poet seeks an earth in himself

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Whom can we delay from immortality?
Yet its phase changes, revovles anew!
Rebounding, remingleing, through
Blemishing fate, concieved to fare
The previous state, undaunted!
Which turns have unvailed before
O changing charm of earthly lyre
First from Heaven, then to sphere, about
The glow of night and day and realms of space
Revealed afar, the orient soul of
Unknown skies, the envils heat
Consumes the yoke, through deep mists
Of clouded god fearing emerging smoke
That suspense, hovers from dim rayed glissening dust

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Just what I wanted, to learn of truths
Vailing plain, who wrote the volume
That set my thought beating to gain
Acknowledgement, and yet feel uncommended
The apperant craft of discriptions
Or rhythmn Harmonies of natures
Chant, who kept Renaissance in modern
light? that we may beHold our great
Esteem through reflections Hem
Who tamed the enfluence of Heavens chart
Maped the unknown space of stars
The weaveing fictions of chromatic truth
Or the quoted scriptures. of facts displayed
The philosophers tale that content hath marred

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Although life bares the burden of clay
It tends toward the secret phase of poetry
But nature limits its focus Beam
That soul hath covered with ease unseen
The quality of resemblence shade
Perfections orB can but deeply trade
Belief alone can strongly claim
The vision of transparency, render
Theories, through memory and unfold
The birth, that instincts fancy will
reign - bring close, the fear of reality
Who hath built the art of Rome?
And set the Greek orient aflame?
That bore an archangle, across renaissance memory --

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The hour of observation richly bore
The manifestations of forecoming beauty
The dense, and restrictive theories
Were guides to noble explorations
And joyful tideings, earnest endeavor
discovered human possabilities, the
Scientist discovered the practice of the
Doctrine, and spread the news everywhere
Who has discovered the power of reason
And stole mediums vital crest!?
But conscience tells the prophet, --
Who is the genious of Morpheus?
That shall unvail spiritual immortality
Before judgements peerless insight quest,

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O patientful gatherer of useful
Claim, thou who hast studied
Its deep moral fact - Into abnormal
Revelations - whose eptomized creat
Has helped the sholar to procede
And 'waken centuries struggle in
Hope and unbelieved complications
HumBle Historians asked thy aid
To qualify the deeds of ages ago!
The hermit astronomer encouraged
Thy course, Hast thou not given
Beauty its lofty chide, to all
Unseeming followers and servants
The Essence, from natures technical abid

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Echoes far from Distant fields
Coying sighs of the wintry trees
Soft bellow pane quiver vainly yealds
As chimes begin through shallow keys
The dampened footfall of bodily strides
Finds the moon, an aid ne'er wont,
But the shadows cast their wings out wide
As suspence of life, from heart undaunt
The distant rails, familiar of whistle
The knock of the night watch care
The hush from the clock, Birdies nessle
And each breast slightly tolled from share
Rest seeks no ground of good or bad
But wondrds thy form limp to clad --

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Mettle of rust doth ne'er combine
To man of figure, brain and form
But venons strength can here
Forswear, the tile that reasons shorn
O Brutle blind, thou art uncursed
As the weeds that bend from decay
Can'st thou not tear? O stable aid
That sense, doth nigh rejoice
Of the roots that thou hast grey
From immortality, o ruler of Celt
Thou hast torn breasts, eyes and skulls
And left behind upon a grassy bleed
The essence of raw cut skeletons
That bathed therein immaculate mystery

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The blue faded purple Horizon mount
Seemed to bellow the vallies in mists
Of enriching ensueing divine shadowings
Where may this be? perhaps unpopulated
Crags of stepping rocks, where thought
Slumbers, inhaled thought, unbearing
Real earth, that refines, e'en the insects muse
Royality defies the haunt they chose
Therein mingles wild prespective charms
As immortelle's thorny entangled growth
Mongst the field of oaks pressing steep
Twilight's vail, Milky way's fence, the deep
Lionized eagle hisses o'er this scene
Birds, wild swans, glide paly o'er a charming stream

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He nither wrote, nor uttered murmer at wonder
But grew 'pon his rich riegning lofty desire,
And hung the earth, pon each fadeing fancy
Pressing nothing, that he noble can Lyre,
But can afterward use, when beauty
Doth hinder, its pregnant aptonized lore
He sat as an extricable prisoner bound
To essence, that he sought to emancipate
Kept pounding an envil of generation core
And exchanged his soul a thousand ways
At the rate of centuries unfelt round
As though cloud repeats cloud through days
Or nocturnal heavens beaten lights
That mock the day, from suspence of Hights

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The steed reared from beneath his sadle
As the sword left the sheath to branish
A wing of men, to hearken the word!
But discipline seeks no better, when
Its telling is due to its command,
Reverence bids youth to eye the
Results,-signal brought them to
Safty and acquaintance of masterman
The alpine travelers, closely followed
The breed - dignity lures majesties
Pride, to blossom, her faith,
Who stained the doctrine called
Testament old and new? who chose
The laws of national oath?

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The marble walls held the dim sky sHadows
That were strangly woven in grays
Silhouette set the scepters roveing
Into the half mediums of real
'Lumination, music set qualities
Above sentiment. the dreamer called
The orient from illusions feignly proof
Form but dimly prominento colour
The night lamps fought the powerful sHade
Mythology helped the modern life upbraid
O sunset o golden, thou who tends
The farthest heavenly width to rest
From observation, the elegy's lore
Hath set memory, o'er unmersion's quest,

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Apprecian needs no gods to succor
Who speeds this universe of Hours?
He never that reasons knew her claim
to be of fault so unfelt from the same
Walk through gardens, castles and domes,
Baths in the rhine, tells of museums,
Crontches, an orient, to song that conveys
Happiness, Lureing souls from strays,
Hast thou beaten beauties cleaves
That tends unwont to spiritual grieves
But conscience rides thee here and there
To no risist, for thou can'st not compare
The throne of unseen power, o'er powers
That bulged the bags, drained Hypocrene of ours!

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One sad scrutiny from my warm inner self
This age hath but the pleasures of its own
And that which rises from my inner tomb
Is but the haste of the starry splendor dome
O thought, the deep hath fear of thee
Lest, thou dost not vanish to soon
O bitter messenger of thousand truths
And still, the cast of yearly unumbered woob
My love did plead at the summer spray
Ambition swallowed all that is gay
And the coral bid my frenzied state
To doubt the ill, that the world hath made
Another morning most I wake to see --
that lovly pain, O that conquering script cannot Bannish me!

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For such in state, I would on,
Hast thou not some treasure here
That which instinct can atone for?
O placid time, still thou through inocent
Presence, hath worn past's quilt
Frustratively, The traveler left the
Glowing shore, and sped the enfluence
To recover -- grief alone sensates
Relief from bodily envey and pain
If I only knew the fields I passed
That thou dost tell me now!
From thought, canst thou discribe
The orient from whence thou hast come?
They who are of honor unknown are bright at Home

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The opera singer softly sang
Like the pellucid birds of Australian
thicket, Anatomy's lace wrung
The cells of thousand feelings
And tastes, centigrades power
Told climates revelations
The Psycologist felt the Heart
The poets instinct slumber apart
through the parks, the Forest
Filled the air of insense pure
The paintor bent his brush
through sensations quest
Time weeps in patence duration,
Through scepters creat imotional risist

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The ill sat to be with the calm
Spacious breeze, the thirsty man
Sought the fountain, the seasons
Cloaked the roveing form, the
Scholar lit his lamp to see,
The guide showed, the unknown
Path, consolation soothed the
gentle soul and lent his
Strengthening mind relief, The poor
Were sheltered from mercies grief
Mother cared for the ofsprings want
Rain poured o'er the fertile soil
The torch found the miners haunt
The bathers fought the ocean's hurl

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Whose omnipresence wakens doubtfull peers
Opens wisdom's apperant thrust out years
BeHolds the lurals of love and grief
Tells the deeper mind his onward thrive
Acquaints us with mortals amity
And frees our thoughts - but none to agree
O simple sage, how can I feel thy praise
that een Religeon thou hast refrained
From purer densities, but ne'er to apprise
Which thou dost not amend to ordain
And yet nigh doth treat beauties graze
By lores perfections, brought the wanderer
To exhalt in peace and fiegn eternities
Enriching seat, that infinitum doth render

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I foundly seek thy guise of intrusion
Upon the unequaled screen of natures illusion
Hath form, resists aquaintance lure
That shows the change of pigments indure
But of qualities chide that e'er must cease
Rounds its marvels of techture's increase
O confesser of the lamplight charm
Hath an meopic mortals mortified
Awe-full alarm of rarties depth
What feeling dost thou hinder clear
From such imotional unwrought veer
But the throne of finishings grief
Hath poured the cup unwonted relief
Bent a soulful canvas thither to appear

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O tender Guide how thy endeaver doth improve
The lowliest kind, from his blinded course
Told the tale that enfluence searched,
Dressed spirits mien, thro' conventional resource
Built reverence to have its facile worth
Cultivated raw and Barran lands
That strife did woo, from earnest Hands
Chained the brute, from curse and pain
Who deemed in thanks a life long gain
Make known its proud and lustful stride
that ruin would e'er long betide,
O light that of Heavenly stareing beam
Hath borne dreams with thee to be unfancied
Such clearness, e'en night pends such teem

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O perfect lay of deity's crested Herb
Thou art as the winsome weed afloot
Who's power e'en fear doth warmly note
Upon the slave of mortal earth to curB
Can'st lure the ransom of essence seed
Tame the darkest crises of deed
Blow to mystery the unerring minstrelsy
An oriental Paradise of golden casts
Thous likest with ease. of nature blasts
Yet Inocent from thy turns, as jove demurs
O love all dieing though everensuing endures
The bitter blinded spark, of Beauties Rock
Thou alone doth hew, as soul can mock
The prayer o'er tints through heavens, eternity's last

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The Philosophique Apology

I still bear in mind the picture of the gloBe
That palpitates in obsorbed fear in thought
O sweltering dew, that choas doth ruminate
Pon zone's fermament, what perfection in
Such listlessness, a rock of earth doth flowt
Tempests call, To balance its fees
Its unseen course, through the infinite walls.
The Virtue of the sulpher sun, that shades
The night, that clears the heaven from reveries
O heavenly father, thou hast in plea. Man-
Kinds thirsty juggle, to upHeave its concept
Who shares thy width of love and all
Who's palm holds the sHadow of fear
That judgement sooths, thy dusty Heart speck's tear

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The Etude

O science of fibrous crested lyre
Who winding heeds our inmost desire
Can heave a spirit from now and then
thus cleave the depth from perspireing spleen
Who Hails miniatures beaming breast
Which soul can throw from East to west
But e'er its seed doth blindly on, carresed
By joves stratus dew - twixt Ray --
Shade and sordids clay, abides through
Splendors proportionate hue, that space aereal
Confines to its own response within its
Burst of unseeming, blossoming strew
Salon natures of streaming divines
O Brilliant love of the Horizon sirens.

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The Auther

What throbbing mind he must subdue
That of pain, o'er sees the lowly spread
Of land and sky encircleing here
Steals qualities uncertain, though natural
Gifts through crafts, he can denie,
Feed cleave's firmatives that of unique
Assembly, wounds content through its tie
O darkness, can but pity thee
For at times, god's fear to plunge to agree
Within such super wings aflowt out wide
Tear the deep, but perferate its hide
Tell the daylight of its limited rays
Perfix his joy, that shadow doth fiegnly apprise
And duty but the age from peace outlives

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