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the poet seeks an earth in himself

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Sonnets of Apology  Third Group

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Odds and Ends

The perfect gauge can irragulate prophecy
'Pon serious tempo, blame serene ratio
As strong adHered charm does to love!
The venus hid midst the repelled poets
Drilling their brains, in beaten Headaches
Whistling of a being is course to insects
As lulling indolence to impression
Content hath found the bible a waste
thought has its independence, but
when displayed, seeks enother, to
Cover its dignity of creation, for sustainance
O life! no sacrafice for thee, but thy
Own wound of repulsive pleasures within
Through, the deep vallies of glorifieing mirth, my soul ray Hence

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The summit where I sat flowed a tide
Below a hill, that of pure green water
Filled the lowly place refresHing air
that weaved the heaven's blue - naught
to say, sharp luminous light in blowing
ABnormal holy masses of unsettled dew
Proud to withhold an earth of lovly quality
Like their own as messenger of thousand
Rainbows entangled to regulate, the inner Hue
When perfectly deceived of, its placid, unspoted
Surface, seems never to have been
Cleared, when facing its downward course
Upon our inocent weak dimed speck like
Stains, called eyes of this focus so wide and unseen

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I've been ill amongst my fellow kind
And yet have borne with me joys
That few sought its indulgence Bind
As dreams that press meditation's
Wanton coys, o'er desired revelation
Religeon's chariot halted for my thought
Art bowed, showed its infinite tongues
Of charm, science hailed its width
Of semetry, doubting conscience
Concentration, and behave, The beam
Of Fire from the sun cast mine own
To slumBer in imagination of spheres
Under the heavens of moon like shapes
Mine eyelids shut, I fell into unfelt realms

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The Laureate

Poet o soul! hast thou within thy wing the raise
That nature doth disown, with complete color
The enlightening beat of Heaven's plausive royalty
As the clouds in their nudity softly sensate
Uplift the sordid earth from dark slumBer
And deviate spirits mystic wooB
Creat animations about the hidden angles
Regulate love, in lofty nobles helm,
Conquer, but to unconquer selfs tomb
Knight the command of universal thought
Thou who art the stream of souls flow.
O Lyre ne'er can'st thou forgive praise
For joy Hides its stupendous coverings
The quality of senses creat and overthrow

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An age of wisdom sought knowledge to
Enliven its immortality through scriptures
Of classics, The scholar apprehends
Foriegn laws of astrology, and strays to
Original pursuit. The artist never fails
In attempt of reflection's value
The astronomer follows closely his
Trail across heavens width, the apostle
Reigns o'er the community in conveying
His thoughtful discipline, through
Speech, the orator follows the universe
And refrains the laws of the people.
From this acquired and creative philosophy,
The poet sings through Hypocrene's urge solicitously,

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O King of terminable risen phathos
that immortal goal, hath wrought
Happiness to memory - thus
Bent the enlivened soul to endowed
perseverance, and fed the earthly
men in curious abolutionary
Details. shall ne'er remove the
Crown of bitter tales that traveler
Sober relates, to generations about the Hearth
The animadversion bows, and acqaints us of
The Love of centuries gone and circleing
The consuming distance to be
Insences fragrant from the east or
Musics spasms, as Master crafts To poetry

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I knew of but one, is self's character
Still shallow in my thought. of its
Knowledge of decent - soon became
thousand sentiments of inspiration
And Enfluence of love for others
My color is white, but not to the
Paintor, strange, how each enlist, the
Tide picks no errors - the swiss of
The alps - or the eskimo's glaciers
The English noble, or the spanish
Athelete, swear By earth's degree
their power, the stamp is their
National aspect, thus fare they on
through emblems proud inborn plea

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We spoke of him and could not forget
The days of his glorious stride and conquest
The shrine prayed his soul be praised
Beyond the crag of hills and Vallys o'er great Palms
And trees hid a castle within golden clouded mists
The Learned Hermit Told weird and curious Tales
The explorers discovered Historical statues
From the East. and preserved them for museums
The Linguist translated songs of poets
In the study of the old proffessor, the awe
Of respect held my attention at the
Surroundings, the ineventor, anatomist
The paintor of peers, are wreathed in tears
And natures fair and Beautiful bloom of immortal risist

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Though relieved, he gazes far out upon
Landscape's view and is unmoved --
But the self's shrouded painless lull
Awakens, as the purple wanders within
The orBs hold, and suspects astonishing
Brilliancy, that nature ne'er preserves
Still unpreceived remains its mood
PerHaps it is the rest and peace, as the
Heavenly hues fade, when the sun shine
And gives forth its lustre 'stead of rain
Or the great halt of memories claim
Doth repeat, when patients lure requests
The unripe sustain, which mind Hath curled
On my way the air of fields and rivers abiding stirred

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Colour Grain

O covering hem, my life to thee
Refuses to exHalt of such powerful
Scale, though full of its half plead
relate its charm's through meditation,
Mold therein, seeing truth of values
quaint tonal sprays sensual gray
Like streams through half shadows
Or silver reflection's under crystal Brooks
through clouded mixed dust asorted, as
Near the equator, moon mingles with
the Rays of the sun, as shells Between
Sandy nooks, waves of salt covers stir
Then glissening from their hidden sides
Still feigned seekers, shall feel its Brand

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Summer, under the cool spring Baths
ABout the forest and o'er hanging twigs
We felt the deep rain of chills and
Earthly joys. with mingled exHilarations
Reality concieved! but strength unknown
Reaper of the pen clears melancholy's
creat, and wears renaissance' roBe
The sweeping sea gust swept oer the
Spring blossoms, vast, beyond the
hills of ice and snow causeing the
Early ground to appear in raw soil
The great Hey gather's wild yells
And the picnician parties merriment
As content of unfelt, unBurdened toil

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Who shall blot our errand of decease
Come O slave of bearded ages tell
Who needs thy memory Tales, of Heaven unstained
Decaydent circles of past ordained
Shall I apply to those of seeming just?
Hence, merely reviewed of futured choas
But seek in lowly symbol my outermost
Talent, that rarly can be master fold
As one breath from the mountain view
Or the inner caves of the mamoth structure
they rarify my loves due and cease
To be sentiments, the chariot is noBle
And unfelt, mind presence mind
Nature firmly derives and Lay to encrease

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Night! the lute as daylight But dim
A cloister strangly near a hill
Rang the evening chimes of prayor
The shadows of the miniature lamps
Shaped strange unseen, frightful creatures
Of horrid ghosts, vailed in pale caps
The solitude teeming in its hush
Let the unseen noises of insects clear
Buzz in their melancholy wiery hum
Dreams are short, But their Beauties are
Rare, night is long, causes thought
Its Freedom, of Fantasie to acquire
The grey demon clouds covered Heaven
Which hid the moon, but stars retreating fought

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That from nowhere settles impressions
Gleam O thou dost aid the muse
Below, to drain his soulful
Desire, from the strings of thy
All power, and sudden claim
The deep romance of spiritual
Guide, the never ceasing fluttering
Bird, of forest and eagle high
The horizon hues, give vent
To thousand Lofty thoughts of poetry
The flowting marBle like clouds
Form incomprehensive molds
But the lowly eye views this all
And, From within, peals its classic melancholy folds

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An instint chose its mien of love!
It felt the dark orient enfluence approve
Whether species of vived colour chose
Self's criticism of mediums hold
Falls into uncertain depth, thus
Thinks blindly, but from bold
Following, unfolds terminable thoughts
Inocence fares in bitter apperancy
Age loaths miserie's claim but
Kindness of memory hath its chosen
Kin, the fable told the secrecy of
Common from its example, The mood
Has its restlessness, the lyre
Birds were fondlings to the buyers

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By a peninsula, the painter sat and
Sketched the uneven vally groves
The apostle gave alms to the
Meek, the valcano burst
In fusive sulphor and hurled
Rocks and ore into the air
Heaven's sudden change at
The drawing tempestious
Darkening shade of Dense clouded Hues
The wanderer soon chose
His spot of rest, they bore the
Chosen hero upon their shoulders
Whom they strangly admired - as,
The Beach tide Summer of people desired,

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The Lyre Bird

O statly bird of the tropic, how fair
And Luscious, the colour of thy tail is,
thy harp shaped gracing symbol.
From thence I view the east of grandeur
And the lowly dreams of hysinth groves
Who fared in the beauty of dials gain
Or the woven crests of bounding display?
The wing of fire or the muse of charms
Set the unearthly joys within us gay
The elegy of the cloisters woob, souls
Being but the suspireing fear and
Instinct to those retired lays, that
show forth untireing adoration's fold
Through gradens of planted stalks hidden leaves in alcoves,

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But only to be memories of spiritual gate
Leting us feel the difference from the real
Are not limits the sooth to formulate
Theories thereof, simply our ruler to feel?
Basques of statuets of Eruptions long ago,
Of power in semetry, marvel of thought
The crafts attempt, showing rare aspiration
The museums of the ancient fine stones
For bowels and cups, found Historians
Sacred adorations, the numismatist hath shown
But only to be memories of spiritual gate
Leting us feel, the difference from the real
Are not limits, the sooth to formulate
Theories thereof, simply our ruler to feel?,

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Unburdened soul of fedilities gift
Hath carried thee to any thrift
That pure and alien gate of thine
Can'st render love into mutable wine
Thus wade thousand men through right
Cause the helmet, sword, to be put aside.
Send social tear its bound of might
Cleanse the earth of noble's tainted stride
Wave the banner, from entrigues debate
Crush the lawless, of their gaining fate
And bend the wheel of justice for all
Recover forbideing secrecy pursuits
Thus blot their mien, reveal its fruits
Guide the blindfold creature from adulteries fall

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An open source, of panting relief
Bewitching dreams, realized from grief
The abnormal mind slumbers in light
And counts the spheres of medium's delight
Discovers fear to be, the healing mild
As time from an unequal space and sky
Known to mind, but to mortal nigh
The enfluence, changes his heart
He knows not unworldlies common dart
But shadow rays, from the wooB of
All power, darkening concept, unfold
The density of Birth's hold, that
Were held by the images of lords chart!

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A Lady

Ive just been peruseing concentrations
Remorse debate, that is compositions
Remend, And yet felt too far from
Appreciation's treat, who may it be?
The gentle dignitie's beauty, I so often
Sought in secret, to demonstrate
In high degree, whom predominance
Crushed to reblossom, that reflections
Sold their conscience pride and turned
Its currant, to be unpowerful, as
The Listless RainBow 'pon a pond doth
Chide, fair daylight mourns the retreat
O Galant love - how shall I claim
Content, from thy ceaseless classic, self's attractive beat,

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The view point of brains correlation
Of phaseing facts to reason's fame
Giveing lore, its willing assult
Building gift, the nature Emblem
Into any plead of Instincts aims
Causeing human revolt and ruling
To be science, enigma's Blame,
Happy guides of useful morals
Bend their pain of Hearten quest
Thus immortal, honor lurals
Redeem their birth, from beauties rest
Like a falcon's prey, suBdues before
Its claws of sudden grasp, forgives
Itself in quiet way, dies before its lowly nest1,

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O Pathos sacred reverend might
Vain praise thou can'st but chose
Bear my soul to cover all knowledge
Bright, but thence reprove I lose
Eternity holds the crest with ease
The unknown Equal skies submerge
As tempests gleam of fear uncease
to Blot in thunder, reopen surge
As if to show their ingrown swedge
How should my sacrafice lay for
Thee? how should mien humbly
Bleat.? Hast thou not given me inner
Clay? that I may rest and repeat
Yet still liveing beseech thy wonderous creat!

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