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the poet seeks an earth in himself

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Sonnets of Apology  Second Group

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The shade of shrine has learned its ease
The passion of menon's fruit hath stored
Lulled prayors of reverence that Roman-Gothic - great design,
Hath guitared loves wind-maiden - thy deepest sooth,
Inevitable Master - thy evolution, without solution
Whose might throne, is but within reach of birth
Serenes own gift - melancholy - hath wreathed the soul
Embittered goal, what cause hast thou arreared
Colossal breath - sauntered critically by
Lured JeHovahs lowly crest, into eternal fear
Before its birth toke place - O birth - O Blossom
Has unvailed slumbered wooB - there divine but guarded nigh
O rested unique heart! Who sought to waste thy tempt
Hence live the day's of common pray that earthly limit doth chant

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What faith doth not bare obeyance lure
therein, even dwell the peace of complete magnitude
O cause! an earth stood still, and suspense indures
The harvests reprove - of thy spiritual good
O mystic wine of clearing - whose keeness lost
The formula soar - of the prelated genious
Wrapped the cloak of bitter moods of yon' tinted yore
Times gaily retreat, hath fathomed stern
Our heavens eternal thick vapered hues
From whence? thou, O lord -hath shorn
And gave its critical spirit, its tender fuse,
Ah ye mighty specks, as beings. from flame of wind,
Hast thou caused, a shrill note within thy reach,
And gave salvation unto great illusive kind

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O pregnant flame! of love - that of quality 'spired 'lusive 'vere
Within faint mystic soil its causes retreat
Where but the lords image seek its stagnant lyre
That bleated thy intelligent sooth to real festivity
thy thick clustered wings I could eer lie
Why pray god? - hearts own brier need tempest's vail
To peal thy charms lure - its fibre my soul to pass nigh
O taried 'spired flect - why has thou bloundered 'pon research
To lay before cherubs ghostly mother grey
thy coat of sprightly muse - that impulse hath gay
Mind an authers patient phase
Who centers his pardon within thy limitless gaze
The waif of grief - sought 'pon thy
Tufted creamy breast - its woven silk lace

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Dowering lust, thy tainted egos apperant thrust
That of preciousness - viewed their ofspring burden,
The unfelt, assuming vein of innert
Unwoven silk of wind - Fated - an - adrift cacoone
That spun effulgence powdered hues
O'er an orient vase, beat gay lural wreaths
Again'st thoughtful brows - and helds its own
O wandering haste - I chose such mien to pray
But patient - sapient - script was sure to lose
Its stead lay - e'er I look about - forget to think of old
Grey night and day - but 'deem within
Confusions lore - that tore the
Reflex' apart from me, thy beaten shell shall
Burst, hence ne'er to part with apperant triumphant Choas.

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Ah, ye peirceing years of light, below here I denote
Though spirits wander, to an abnormal Hight
That ray hath, beamed to show - its
Pulsive fuse - that beats the scattered stars
That of blue flame - depict their quaint array
And Open reveal bright! Their dense birth afar
From our fancy - of dreams, depth doth sway
But wax like orBs - with its tinted hues
hath plead its finitless pear
To fare deities soulful goal
That of ceaseless blossom - hath untold passions
Unique mystification. O evolving change
Death nigh left thee wonder deep
But eer allow its feeling as before.

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Emotional phase - why hast thou refractions Beat
that lieth 'pon memories season creat
The unfelt bliss! where abscuration locks its instint ray
As cloud of heaven's curtain fades - o'er tinted sky
O currant frail! Where hast thou begun
Holy fire held thy envils seat - surely
Soul can rest - in peace - within thy eternity.
Slumber, sweetened loves burden, - neer could hold
The grey perfume of mamouth garden caves
O Heart of mind, still Hyppocrene surge
Hath Toyed my god head above to leer
Who pounded 'caydents lust - O mold pathetique
Summer reveries - Dark winters retreat
Who will plan with me an earth to share thy Dreams with thee!

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Among the fibres of created trails
there hath shown, fitful ways of
Abstract views in exquisite grace,
Aesthetic shares its own hand
therein Depict an elegance that
Of rare beauty adorns Natures face
But sparks inspired of destined hail,
Immortal, though at large doth careless,
And yet beguile follies own bewail
But thence at drums beat, we usher
Selfs lone command, to bear its gain
Of varied classics and omnipresence lore.
Temper heeds not, but urges fancies eye
That in after thought, passes unburdened critics By

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Her statue of white marble upheld
The palls of eternities focus, unseen
Beam, but of a seeming morpheus
All power of exhilaration to
Forgive - drew the reins at festives
Trait and brought Hellas to her
Toes, for lustre hath surmised
Inpouring rainbows of satieties silHuete,
Cosmics lotus shadowings and
Lewd Satyr's passion sought
Refuge, before their uprisen
Luminous waves, all fell to
The sensual net of lecherous
Wounds, aBideing from spiritual thought,

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When thought forsooth my visions aim
There hath lain before me clear
The silent seas, mountains, Sylvan Fields
That concrete, manykind statly formed
Whether their change sought to be
Real, unreal, light or shade
Still complete and simple o'er
Its observations meet, I did
Behold, heaven earth and
Its holy bleat upon its evolveing
Sacred unformed of Beaten Hues
And altered tints arrayed.
Even damp rainy gusts of the compass
Foretell. the strangness of wholesome greet.

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O Flawless might! though undeceived
Hath carried unkown powers
Of frailty - through mediums - as
The sunrays forbearance 'pon
This fertile soil, doth provide an
Easeful growth - that patiently alloys,
Though inevitable pressure doth
Resist its tainted aid, that which
Matter forms inoculate solutions
What crave doth not chide with,
Miens knowledge legible to an
Interminable pursuit, who hath governed
Science? and the wild classic lyre,?
Religion?- Teeming vapers - nature's condensed charms.

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O pathos in born, command o'er wills aim
Whose treatese hath warned immortal youth
From dire procedeing, through enfluences,
Can with hold its guise upbraiding
Discipline, to mortal gifted paths
Still bear doubtful grace in finding its,
Course - Self's relief, doth quote nigh
Marvel returns, but each point of view
Shall inherit temptation that
Fitteth, its claim and not direct pulsive
Purity, who sprung apostle fame?
That ointment of crystal oil, bathed the cranium
Of Saint Christ, or judgement day's
Furious light claps and thunders earths unripe ways

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O all power sweet singing lyre
In my lonly self hath found complete
Content, and view of thy vast
Graceful - unfelt, - untold beauty
From my seat, I see chasms
Of spacious breathing forests
And heavens ocean wide
Of sinking quality, as clouds that
Force neath their shadows creat
Seems as if life's limit sorrows
After death - who shall inherit
Its eternal grande, and Breath
Eternities seat, O lord - thy
Promise of immortality is as thy everlasting growth

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Gluttonious helium of thoughts endowment,
What piercing awe Hast thou Bestowed!
O Lantern of unvieled standing glow!
Upon my sensations, wooed remorseless
Shadows peal! and yet can'st Hover
O'er retentions beat, through
Forgetful saints of Natures comedie's
Crest, have bent their solemn
Woes of lifes domain 'Pon real joy
But thence slumBer woke their
Earnest ties, and bright learning hope
O tender guise, sweet from soul's
Wanton gift, Hath poured the
Simple ways in profound vital thrift --

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Spent my days o'er leas of deep swollen Fields,
I sat high pon a hill viewing earths
Blossom craft, still glued my
Attention from its pleasure growth
Storing lofty visions, for after
Inspirations treat, of original's claim
This wide plant about - standeth still
And heaven, its every blossom waits
Heedeth no profession's turn, but mine
Must fare in blithful spirit roam
And Lay conscience 'pon my slumBer Deep,
And soar beyond power's own that Nature
Doth Bleat, who sings now - if not
Content! O being of Human kind!

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O Hidden cause, revenge of unseen wave
That theory can misplace, and still thy
Beating chant must return to its Fibreous
Scource for mortal guide, but symphony
Ray's that of sieveing rhythm o'er sea
Fields and voice ecoustics of thoughts
Shade discord, vivification, either birds
Insects, or screeching clash of tempests
Winds. find purifying charms
Within limitless master That of
Keen elertful pursuit for
Thematical promblems lead to
Divine classicism - O seemingless
Tempo - of sweet chromatic chimes

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O image of truth's vail and Triumphant Mold
Who's confessor left immortal wonderment
To build the chosen guise of tempers love
The fame of earthly form, from Disired
Inspirement, that calls youth to sober
Elertness to combine, the lightness
Of minds transparent thought - though real
Of charming dreams, foretold, conceived
BeHeld by generation's blossom, rarious
Ofspring and who has revealed before
The depth of content, and past illusion
Solved the nature of his attempts
Reason doth highly praise and bare emends
Confirms the placid whole in same conclusion

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A perfect arrow! whether retold in missions
Poise, continues an unerring guide
There hath wrought love! but to receive
thee, in pulsive inocent content though
In behave - must learn of its completion
O travel without cause, through rendered
Depth, unceasing - patientful Denseties
Of guilt and comfort - and canst store
the bellows of oriental ciphers of lust
As Exercize will ambolish the thorn
And yet encourage unseen enemies born
Wilst not strengthen thy immortal lore
Since reverie foretold seeks to enclose
Its heavenly remittance and chiding thrust

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Thou who in thy wooB hast promising content
Leaves traces of souls amendments
Endureing infallible discipline, that,
Which generation arrears in confiscation
But fiegned gentlety shall passion Demur
And truth of Morning's autumn Air,
Breaths the hums of Blossoms greens into
Our sphere of exhiliration as shadows pure
Pass and refade, still, memory through
Sensual deBate, lures the unseen lyre
But none are too many within pathos gate!
That wend their pensive guides from far east
Who sprung aoleans muse aBroad?
That gasped in silver air line spray
As art from, Masters great, Hath won the least,

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The apparent gale, vaned in winding storms
Has filled the air with hail and mystic frost
The peaceful alley through bowing elms revealed
Pregnant buds, where spring has failed the lewd heart
Darkness over the ocean's deep was offering moonlight
Movable, silver, vanishing waves that enrolled
The wild summer blossom that in sanguine
Peace bared the ray of gold; until bronze
Shades of autumn quietly lowered a
Humble veil upon the ground in preservation --
Thick clouds that separate over the
Spotless blue of glazing greys. A simple
Tint vanishes, as the storm of fusion
Displays the shocking flood that vapors have gathered

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Slumber remained dark and unfelt, Silent Hum
Of the waveing breeze faned the open speres
The currant blew the tall barran trees
Untill dawn hath shown her fleeting clouds
That grew as the scepters of earthly legends
Long wont to fare in their oncomeing roam
The wing puffs of forgotten angels, that Ivy
Hath worn, awoke, the inimitable shades
Reflecting, diminishing seeming images
Strive onward, as if fleeing from the arrows of
Beaming lustre, that of birth requires departure
Of the unreached Luminous palls of seeming clumps of snow
Through it glissens pearly greys, like fettered Dust
That slowly, pears the Dusk of the fainly nocturnal moon

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Sun Moon Stars

They have drifted before my seeming sight
Like principals effusive fluttering Stains
And often fear the unerring light
to in steady curious constrain
But what leniency doth it prepare
Can I mark them as earth, desert, sea
That of quaintly sieving grain doth hint
extricable details of charms that they
Contain, or of characterisms wooB
of tempo, as content, love, unceasing
Immortality, but knowledge doth not
Convey, self's inclination of thought
To gaze at secular specks up high in
Their abnormal peal, reappearing naught

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O sordid clay, though foul of rotting rest
The flower finds its sweet suBdue above thee
The rocks and pearls of sand out of it grow
The fruit refuses dignity when ripe to eat
Falls everywhere for thee upon the ground
Mountains cease to fear their power
We find the soft soil above and below
And greet the peasant by the yellow mound
That circles to the highest way, leading
A path, where, brush and grave, forbide
Thy stray thus follow we the tract of trail
The plains that of desert seem, reminds
Us of glowing storming sand ocean Hail
But the sea's pressure, sustains beauties kind,

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Charm! the haunt of souls inspiration
The gilded spirals of fiegned illusions
The exhilaration of loves committance
The great awe of aeoleans Blur mutations
Wild luscious shimmering silk Hues of Roses
The Lure of slumber's inocent hum
That o'er sylvan almond shades at night
Breath the tiny stars that of moonlight
Bright keep the slur of insects muse astir
Beneath the tall blowing alfalfa's lowly Blades
The early sky recurls her clouds with Deep purple
Again sieves revelation of cosmics change
And heals the twilight of orbs restitution
Leaves its remains in the circle of suns abolution

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