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the poet seeks an earth in himself

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Sonnets of Apology  First Group

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O precious fadeing charm thou can'st
Lure, the width of cosmics glow!
Within its bright pealing shine,
thy Lonly stem, Hath power e'en To
Conceive. an evening speck far from
Mortal eye, Still closer dost
thou render Beauties cries to Balm
The Grecian set of velvet pores of crimes
Silk, broad Palms with spots of Yellow
Purple shades - soft jaded misty Pinks
As Horizon's paradise 'scape - in view
Inspires, sense to roam o'er ancient
Myths of Easthern seas - of varied form
O faith of strangness and perfumed immortelle dew.

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O Blithful seat of unerring joy
How pon thy own did'st I call
And my pathos varied I chose from thee
And placed my soul at thy fate's knowledge all
Though Mennon's muse Hath sung To loud
The semBlance of its surrounding glee
In mortal stay, thy guardian Hath clung
Its forgetful, generous, threefold Herd
That through dense lofty Heavens Borne
In pure unceasing crisp of light
My Holy ghost -- But whither shall
My bleat act - find reprove, as in saintly
Passions unfelt - to lay before
HumBly, a quest - who seeketh thy wooB

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In what finite tendon dost thou rise?
though 'pon thy omnipresence, thence we find
the glory of wicked truth, which flaps its wings To Bind
All - But the hollow lute, that pipes its strain yon
Lower Hill, mid vat of fragrance, ah ye
Melancholy 'frain - oft have I left thee
To slumber my memory of such real disdain
I mend no path - since my faith is as
the star o'er noxious Blue - within my soul Hath
Clomb, unto the tales of old, 'round fire listened
I nobly saw, that through History my youth come nigh
And whispered joy - within my breast from efforts clear
Forgive our memory stain! e'er this might of love
Hath meekly, found its room - so called immortality

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The depth of the seas surface wrinkled motion
Hath its Horizon, o'er its tarnished width
Between Heaven and earth, these causes meet
Where its phenomena dries atmosphere damp
And sweep the dew 'pon our golden shores
Suspires wholesome wreathes in mists of silver
Thus blends, the crystal air, through hoverment.
But man's verbal chide - hath not power lore!
And 'pon the seat of thought, doth wonder its Heart
Where, Indurance that can wholy save such treat
And quench this streaming strain, through veins doth quiver
O my plaintives affections, thou hast foreswore
As In legend myths of garden mint of flowers
Ah quite free - thy gift - hath bussied - rest - Slumber - nigh Dreamy towers

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Poetry - the father of times art, In lengthened Strains
Hath mowed the Heart, shown each traveler - 'pon his
Flight, the golden treasures of nature's might
Though long forgotten lore - we seek thy futle right
UpHeave thy leaves, In fragment script, whose
Genious was of peace to see, Hence Lowly his
Feather dip, bear its charm, through vital thought
Thus crumble within view and Palm, The method
Wrought, O thou with all Patient sooth, Hath waited
Vainly, whose Sanguine merits of early days
Has searched through song - divine - which - He Hath
Loathed-brooded o'er, thy melancholy chain
O Heart winged lyre, I now in fervent pain
Doth woo - meekly - revere pasts noble gain

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O self - as power heat thou can'st Denie
Swedge the Nearest toy, to mold of thought
As the wandering Heavenly seas, in liquid light
Veils eternal suBstance, the glittering rocks
that calm the eye, romantic tears of sparks
From the noxious sky - O art thou not Vikeings
Rarious toke, that sailed By their 'Bellished quey
Who gave thee, quantity-control and steer
The might of self, that Burnished its leer
Repeats within poetry - garlants - praise
And finds eer lore, in every Phase
O temper thou hast, In burried passion lent
Self's enjoyed carnal lust, what shall
Youthfull charm weste, O self not thine age thy ghost.

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Ah! Shade unseen of tension teeming
through our stally pale insight veering
Its monster claws upHold thy instint glance
Of rageing flames that sustain
Its prolonged trance, there! hast
Thou not sat above the law
Almighties marrow, thou can'st Deverge
Who sanctified they plaintives lust?
that classic RainBow unceasing Hues
UpHeld by the pillars of genious thrust
And bore the talant far from his own.
thou can'st not disguise. a felons worth
Who reared demon's quest, resisted throne
But love, within hypocrene wand Thou can'st disolve alone

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O silent stirring trees of the Sylvan
Though hidden 'pon this earthly seat
Apart from all phases queerly grown
From distant field, we mark the gastly
Scent of stalk and branch between
The blossomed herd, its purity alien
Of Riches green; bend in Ocean grace
O'er the leas spread the tears of Hue
Assumed heaven's seat, beyond Royal trace
The forms of each Pine and Oak,
The molds between their statly known
That reach the lofty Heavens sweep of
Dew, and pour them upon the ground
Dethrone each season in pregnant dreams a gown --

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O uplifting relief in thy noble stratum
O trembling sooth in sacred balms
Thou Hast but felt hearts bitter woes
Of softness in tentacles serene
Melancholy robe and the holy
Felt degrees, have pounded the
Soul, to almighties bowing
Fear - o'er our human sensual
Clay, In miniature, disregarded
But this wide continueous pain
Must indure, lest we forget
Remaining crowns of thorns that
WithHold, from lofty inebrieism
therein bear excuse formidable patient

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'Pon the high mount low of Heavenly Stars
Sweeps the deep eternal muse
Of vapered calm refadeing Blue
I sought the hill, that of Radium
From the moon, espies our grove
There the russling quivering blades about us
through flower clover, and fiegned
Images around us flitter and rise
Restless flowted, - Hoods, and cloaks
That cape of fluttering, as rivals meet
Through wind that causes gaity sing
Its carresing lyre breeze, there
In Enthralled lusts displayed creat
Has sought, their tribute of loves tacit guide

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A wreath that flitters uper most, spends its whole
Where its birth doth newly convey --
And glide its thought cloud into the pussel, that
Reels as one, and to its goal!
What tender dream hast thou felt
Who may this lofty spirit be?
that soared in passion, bore the rainBow hues
And tore such sckeptic heart from thee,
Each word - to feel my body lame
And neer to think - that form should reign,
Ah, days of old - past - my childhood care
The sieve of patients came on to Strain,
Has sought - in fever - to know and share
thy perfect rite - but O such product love and gain.

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O pure ebbing strain - of shadows fermament
Must vanquish in its tide - of lust through times content
To earth there seal, through heavens charm is sent.
The mornings soulful cloak, the evenings lowly fear
A forlorn gust of ocean wind as messenger sent Here,
O man - thou art nigh alone with life!
And cleave the unfold's perfect rite
Ah yea vain slaves, art thou not covered sheep
through vent ilusions, O what sense o'er this Deep
E'er it pour from thy self - I meek seek
thus alone, thy clear vein, dretched with love,
Past! O sadly soothed, as a vanished lily grove,
O thou art at spirits rest, and my clay uphold
Seek not I - as sand the earth - which sieves its mold.

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Ah ye brotherhood glens, where inst our path must wend -
Within the circle of sheer intrigue, hence, Passing on must tend.
And mans comrade, cheated fear, pleading taint upHold cheer
Ah ye masters - at Half ropes end, there chide an emblem
that once remembered days, one's dairy detail prose
Hath stated well, the passing scene, where spirits roam
O'er meadow lane - quite clear - near pearly springs have been
In weeping at thy deep response, which sensious
Gave its title sooth, and O thy twain, as motherHood
Whilst reverend faith thou dost allow, so good!
Where shall I claim my peace, as life!
Upon this Universe - thou 'spired love and field,
And sent thy noble soul, within mine to recease
But now, evils faith doth not show, not at the knave,

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Ah ye tainted wealth, within thy guide most rare
that tucked its skill beneath its work praying Here
With love and form, nigh pon myself can stare
Lo! tis she that I have met upon a leas path's
Now of stone - pure granite, that in tecture mold felt
O'er shadows lay - as Ocean waves smoothing rock
Whence human tide - thus quenched - thus vanished or decays
Have reached thy birth of joy - like an icicle cave discovered
Whither, - thousand trails Hence man has led
Should thou not seek demonstration bent
that horded vexed eer lowly self
time's gift must share, time's woe must ware
Elated alone, o'er this revison of Heaven's boone
E'er the ray's of sun's departure, o'er after glides the moon

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Ah ye mighty caves of the sea, there pushed onward,
In windful waves, of volumes flow
Through rhines - there Bacchus, Venus in lust cherrished
Its swell of perfect ease, repeated awe - ne'er quenched
O that inner self - sensation, doth chide variably
And lo! tell its tale, that soothed the heart
Should but, thy plant blend such thought and mind see,
Tame thy brief gaity - immortal tears,
And youth to thee return its inocent cheers
But hence no finite melancholy, can calm our fears
That emblem make, hath thrown us far beyond!
Profane - can but be makers of peace eer chosen
And conceit, live lowly for the great - past - shall sieve the soul
Thence crowned wreaths shall dimly forsake God's throne,

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The vespers lie between sparkling lust that stirs in motives life!
No lance! but kindered thought can clomB unto its might
As flawless spirits sings within. that shapes its mystic dite
Pure harmony, the faith of lyre, must meet and vary in its choir
Hence the Plum with effulgence gently shimmers in its silky wind
Petted by health - o'er its sequestered sire
that o'er its depth doth flow - ne'er doth tire
The fawns of taste has left its shore
From Rome to England bore, the phase
That chased, vailed beauty's law!
No more shall chant thy verbal lore
But O thy minds lofty flight
that greets its nocturne, through diurnal light
Legends of charm, that glanced thy Path upon our door!

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And now! what hath the Orients page?
Whose script - can weigh ink of ancient noble volumes
We call curious - to bare, our interest with us
Who will not gather tales, that fly as feather Plants
Which wind doth carry into blossom here?
The grey bearded philosopher and his faded books
That counsels, rare concilation, like an Old Painting looks
A common wealth of joy - no matter!
Which scrawl, thou dost inHerit
Be it - Persian - Hindu - African - Malay
Hath shaded many a minds, bound love!
Certified beauty - and lent thy placid spirit
To those, whose passion wont, nor gained
Liberties fetters, Ah tis still constant, everywhere - and to chide its merit!

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Science! the smithy of the sea!
That bent an eels perfect glide
That shaded fennels yarrow wide
Swallowed pearls that marbled the checkered Dee!
Who poured the phantom, in loves comly phase
And chased huge heavens within ash of thought
thus saved the human helpless outlook tide
The ships course, its fate will decide
Whether its safity - that of power hold!
In dreams of marines, legend base
That I in all wonderment doth hide
But eer thy unfolded - systemed way
Of long - long ago - hath begun and lured
Nature to thy heart - in patient wounded spirits clay.

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Knowledge Pursuit

Vain spirits - will both you and I gain
The ungained fund, which thou hast manifested
The onward surge, that conscience wooed
truth, doth heat - pulse own quiet rest
But e'er thy aim - with ease can chatter
As luminous twilight slowly fades
Thus creat in either unfolds apperant shadow. --
Neglect! - hath charmed and soothed the self
Bathed goodness - while aBandoned books
Have described the wild grass, that of flower
Drank my very soul, that sank in to pelf!
Flushed misty mellow hues, there in perplexed
Hinderance strange, flowted bodies of translucent forms
Ah still orbs chide of water tear and spirit vexed!

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Whose wean left thee empty O 'pelling guise
Where in thy powers depth doth crave
Inevitable season, that of holy spirit sustained
Why must I knight my future grave?
Before the lamp of Heaven's search
My soul hath slumbered, in captured ties.
thou who art the forgetful knave,
The mood in outward surge must wave
There its burden follow must
Through teeming heat - in awe recite
I lowly fare thy disdained trust,
Though oftime canton's wiery bate
Hath merged my anxious weeping Heart
to fulfill deity - that ancient gods of yore hath lit!

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An Index scrawl - in perfect mien
Tho' asunder - in national birth
That e'er conbined statly chain
'Pon thy slate - progress its worth
ADcedarian's insight care, repeats
To those, whose knowledge - raw and lean
Hath fought - instinct patients timly quire
But memory peels - o'er foaming sea
As sprays of deep salt ocean waves
that wax concrete thoughts of thee!
that part there course - build there graves
What sacred law! - Hath bound, thy grace
Who lived not all within thy line
Whose character - thou hast ne'er affaced!

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One's sight is but as sun ray light,
Youth's own evolved, sceptered way
truth does not remain, nor after day
Nor through the buble of senses bright.
O wind thou blowest full breeze
O'er pregnant grains of fragrant scent
With thy mortal eyelid - subduing lent
That blew the wafers - as candel might
Of flame, renews forgetfull inspiration
Into clouds - there childs pale laced orb
Of blue - weeps into twilight, a courser hue
But no faded memory, sustains thy rite
thou whose omnipresence - leads to certainty
And purity binds no thought - where Jehovah after grent,

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Into a museum I strolled one day
There in case, laid purple bound,
Gold leaf design covers - enriching room
O sacred hidden page - with treasure lie
Folded thoughts - that unvail thy
Token gifts, memorys ardent possesion
Hath befallen precious moods - where
Spiritual mankind linked their adhesion
Ah ye stores of wealth! that burdened
An acknowledged theft! hath enobled my
Desires and hence - breed content
Still forgiven - thy throbbing tales
Hath caused love, to brier her path!
And kissed lofty aspiration Bent!

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