Samuel Greenberg: American Poet
the poet seeks an earth in himself

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Greenberg's life as a writer lasted only a handful of years (from 1912 to early 1917), but during those years, he wrote over six hundred poems and other works -- both in notebooks (fifteen or more) and on loose pages (everything from fine stationary and graph paper to toilet tissue and blank hospital exam forms). The selection here consists mostly of works he wrote during 1915 and 1916.
The Selected Poems link below will take you to Logopoeia's selection of twenty-one poems that represent some of Greenberg's best work. The links under the Complete Sets heading are to groups of poems arranged in the same sets and same order as they appear in Greenberg's original manuscripts. To view a set online, select its title. To download a copy of a set to read or print out offline, select its Download: PDF link.

[Image: Greenberg self portrait]

Self-portrait, 1915

Selected Poems Download: PDF (172K)
Complete Sets
   Sonnets of Apology Download: PDF (256K)
   The Sick Sleuth Sonnets Download: PDF (56K)
   The Holy Ghost and other poems
   Loose pages Download: PDF (48K)


A roomer up Harlem

And this great human rebellion

Yiddish or impressions in sentiments

Between Historical Life (autobiography)

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The banner quote at the top of the page ("the poet seeks an earth in himself") is from Greenberg's poem "Fred".