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"The Holy Ghost" and Other Poems

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"Thus Slave through Nature's Worth"!
To Friend George Halprin

We know, soul, -- that Heaven
Must claim us soon
As the ragged Hues of Clouds pass
And disolve Far Beyond Dawn

Crippled and Dull I've once been
Borne to a farther end
But the light returneth to me,
For-sake of Friendship intend.

The world of people -- Felt like
Manikans playing The life
And after their good mark
They fitted in a Marvelios Strife

The great colour and sacred many
Where whirled in the eyes of Venus and Mars
But the large sun circle - Kept on -
With The moon Disk and stars

Milton wrote on His Blindness - Endings
"They also serve who only stand and wait"
God! -- What a Belief can mean --
When meditation - doth infinite treat

But Beauty shall not Blind us --
Nor hem our aspired growth
Hand in arms - we will walk together
Thus slave through Nature's worth!

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Well! Full grown Twenty one
appeared I upon this earth
When reflection stood at its Highest Point
And my soul of god in Birth
The Babe was fluttering in the air
And the Holy sense at large
Was mingling to the loftiest care
'Pon this world - The temple sage
Behaved in awe - and Post reverence proud
I circled about in vain
As when this earth was here
And time was ween
and darkness - jehovah's gain
Whee! Blew the gust of spirits
They sang like revereing planets
And like the grain of star shaped show --
They grew to the vast inherits
Power! life! Beauty! Whoo! shsh!
What am I - if all this Be thine
The Heart Beats unusual faster
The sentimental grain Be so gracious divine!

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Holy moment! sacrifice serious Devotion!
The aspiring flame trembles the soul
thrilling might of Hymnal chant of Harmony
The tie of love - Fearing greatness of Heaven,
Burning magnificent temple Brass oil lamp with inlaid red glass,
Gold leafed Bibles. The soft chimes of Bells.
The priest in purple velvet, a cross cover His Back
Bows in prayor, seen when passing From the Alter,

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Communion of Direct chant, the trail of Fatherly review
Oer Bass and celf - aspired the anxious medium,
To sense and major strength of sorrow and joy
Inventive scholar, - The pride of the clavior,
Of spring of simple string compound "Fuge"
Concentration of Master point power of Tone
Choire of Religious Depth and punctuation,
Style of Dreams that wend their way inward,
The Empire to result - and perfect, Pratice -
Greatness of Bach - was the conception of Nature.

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The entering Prophet

SaBBath hour Being over The suspence imagining,
Calling of Prophet Elliot - as the Open door Slowly,
Glides - the air of Holy Prayor is felt, Passover CelaBration
The eve of interest. - as The Tiresome Hours pass, untill
The relief from sayings an relateing By the Reverent is over
Feast - and all remains To Be seen quiet.
The awe to his grace creator
The angle stood in the eyes
Whispering Faint, with Heart to offer Silver Brilliant wine,
forgotten in the moment.
And Heavens Belief of my soul Be thine.

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Dotted Details

Painting landscpape, parall vase Finish
With care minute Pulse suspence
Play of miniture effect, and mass of scenic
Beauty - chiped Hues. Fruit and Flower display
People in distances Burnt faintly on Panels
Coloured Bird work, Huge Fishes with specks
Pinks and Blue parrots. The Madonna of the
Church yard windows. The inner gallery
Scene of many Paintings. Fair Heaven with Cloud
Nocture lamps of Pannama exposition,
Branches at sunset. Autumn Morn of leaf -
- Beds, The Bodily colours and eyes, --
Japan, China Reserve arts
And sense of Poer to DiscriBe --

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The Temple

The muscle of intellectual celeBrations
Seriously in common meets: --
Rome! - Cathedral steps lead us to doubt the vast
Bereavement of culture, Honored pictorial walls
- Of Saints in action - Pillars of Discolored Marble
tall decorated Cielings - The Medel tablets -
The long row of Music seats - we reach a
Gorgious. Magnificant Luxurient Alter.
The large gold Rimed Bibles at either Side
Oriental polished bronze crusefixes
The suspended Brilliant vase niches
Wit pearl carmen glitters of thick
Magnifying glass - conduction of sacred
Awe midst the sessions of service
The Burning truth is imminently - From -
And in Statues - "Christianity"

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The Artist

Sat he lulled, By the Distant Hue
Sung in song - of Fates Beauty
Light and shade - Melow technic of sky
Led the soul to admire the trance!
Untold peace - of Wandering Dreams
Steady gaze - and Drill of Wonder!
Animation and restless sentiment
War of nerve sense of expression
Suspensions eagle catch, this, vision
Simple exposed! The fearless spirit
Reflected - in Divine practice
Never Needs, the sharing deed of creation
But with Fadeing schemes, seiveing Patience
Sat He lulled by the Distant view

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Dr. Brahm -- Paginini Variations

Composition - German - Italian - tempo' melo-praise!
Firm and pointed enlivens the march with sweeps
The riseing tone colours that themats the genuine
Viennese-Touch and Finish. relief in glorious conquered
Intimation, Heavy Ideal eternal musical relation, with care
Molded the scenic nature beds, that swamp the Forests
In sad classic ring. The air of 19 Century, In each phrase
Beats, the patriotism of lyre love, improvised impulse spreads
Its familiar Master glow, Communication with the spirit muse,
That repeats, In sensuas Rhythmn, abstract Satisfaction
Earnestly portraied - The fever Buzz and short thrall
Slurs in Haste to Die! - But the artistic mood remains,
As doubted Bars mold eagerly, Echoing sighs that treat,
The conventional Forms follow, spontanious schemes,
Charm of the Old schools, The Free imagination, tract,
Display of ease, companella of poems - sweet spring
Interpretation, The power of short sunsets - in peace and solitude
Parseverance steady change. Early sonnets, shallow Hidden sentiment,
That flows strictly in Full Harmony, Fadeing Boldly as waves on
Rocks clash, Captured control majestic warm qualification
Ideal lure sketch plump solution with choice and rare leneation
Smooth and crumbled softness, quaint lay of Ostentation seived tonal Wholeness,
Anthusiasm complete, aspiring serene thoughts, Breath
Of seduction, Fowndness of clear temper vision,
In Harness of joy. As sudden Forest leaf Russle,
Patience greetings and Natural questions answered,
Unexpected Burst of Music! and the Old Melody
Returns, Wounding together our listening nerve tension.

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Fair Maidens

The surf at Bay is reared. By large smiling Waves
As steamers reenter From coast to coast --
Bring Fresh Foam, with a cutting Breeze
Of Ocean scent - Oily welcome seas
Green russle rooling - coast rock waves
Of sudden - disatisfied reappearance
Keep calling the grace of themselves
As charming figures, made in the Forest
Gayly trip in and out, through Heavy leaves
The sat and laughed in gold echo's
The played with twigs and stones
Fair Flowers, were Fair vails - covered
Each Delicate Breast, that Heaved through the wind - of figure tones
The Pale protected sunlight, strove,
In proving the inocece of generous Value
The Mossy Oaks - showing their Pride
That shades. The liveing creatures
Thro burst of weather to guide
The loveing Maidens, that hide everywhere
The lust of their strange form
The song of the nature Began
The greedy sects, all Hummed
O'er the daily muse, thro 'Brooks or
Swamps. Where shrills were Welcomed then.
Evening! Nature closed in silence
The Gate, Blowing a stray Breeze
Before Dawn, preparing whinsomely
Strange art of Morning Fair Mysteries

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Neath the trees - Summer noon
When Heat from Heaven's warm
A Hammock, swung in the Breeze
Where the shadow full of leaves
Mildly shorn.
A-way far on the Fiels Heyday
Where the mixed grass of yellow in soft
Thrown up Hills of Dry Hay. unmoistered!
By the Dew, and Dreamy colors about,
Wend us to seek, the mingling - Heyday.
The rest! - The Bed with simple lace hung on
The puffed Feather Pillows in soft silk
The fur covers of light woven wool
With thin pealed sheets, that melt, unto the matress
While the tassle Draw a curtain, - for slumBer

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Raw jewelry

The purple of the eye glimmers, into following coloures of jewels,
Sharp Blue Diamond that turquious the uncertain shapes,
Rocky timber of Bleeding cut ray marble Hues
Of crystal spring sunlight stairs, the Dirty Blinding cut glass,
[ ]tuby orange Faded tissue moist uneven Stones,
[ ]eep sky frail cloudless light turkey cerealean - through paper glass,
[ ]ell rainbows - Brilliant - Blinding Pink, of Disk thin size,
[ ]oem in creamy white pearls, in a platinum strings,
A mass of chips that demand palatte complete
Brown rough gold nuggest - For framing safety

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Land and Sea

Mud pools on the desert is - as the snow near the Equator
The wide hot and Fields with thrown up waves of uncertain
Distances in the Horizon prospective, qualify Ocean Blunders
Wild earth of covered green sward in the south
Stretches of sandy earth roads and rocky ditches
Mountainious District of Powerful Hight and forests
The deep Dangerous colourless pacific, inviting waters to sail.
The intreating sunshine near the western coast.
Mysterious grey landscapes - a distant from the shore
Short waveing foams - when forced apon the other,
Mild Healthy atmosphere, from mighty seas - From surface to Heaven
Dreary Atlantic! Frightfull might! of the dark water's waves
Fish Flung in the air, From the ever restless curves and heaves
The outline that differs - From the sand Fields to earth
As incoming trail Steamers - we Happily return

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The Holy Ghost

a Dark scarlet robe - covered the Body
As he layed near in a monastery Cellar Door
Holy spirit of death - swayed o'er him,
A plaintive seen skull features sunk
That Frightens the life - in the witness
The gauzy jet Black veil - in the grey Shadowed
doorlight. The extinguished form lay in dignity
Against. the wall. and the low and High coners
In shadows were ghastly adhered, around the pillars
Of Iron, Placid skeleton, - thrown to the cold sand
Bottom, Forgotten and unrecognizeable were he lay
At Midnight, strange - we often share the unexplained wonder.

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Hope our gift - in patience frame.
Through Knowledge of self be vain.
With rare sense we seek and find
That we owe - and that we bind
Claims - for heart's content
Dream on! ye Beauty of 'trast
Hinderance! to my life - thy soul,
When I shall go! no more shall know
Dream on, the Beauty you gave
In stagering shame, shall I find
My ghost - thought I - will heal,
On the angle heavens Feastivity -
Where earthless charms, - Bare on
Feel Happy - and in glee.

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The housetops - from a Distant seem like Shadows
through unspotted snow - and trees that
Seem like long Branches, parted and Broken
Have each the coat of Whites the cold,
Uncertain deepth on the ground in silent!
The pale, the pathetic view
Mourning of the past, Death and Hidden Creatures
Are rarely seen, tis the trial of their joy
We Build pleasant woodleys. for prayor
To shout and ring out wonders, Frost caring Cheer

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Ripe to sprout - the eager awe!
Of greening spring must Hail!
In a comet's Breeze - mild sense Draw
All liveing Spirits must trail,

With dotted leas and Meadow Flowers
The dance of life renews
As Gayly boys and girls at Hours
Bring the Happy muse!

In HeavenBlue - the clouds Fade on
The Birds wildly spatter and chirp!
On warm sand, flutter they - to one another
Thus sings the summer dawn

Hues that sway - on land and sea!
Predominates Inviteing weather to -
- Lust and joys - relation Be
Human paralized Heart Spring fever!

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Graces three

Pink and Violet - were thousand gauzy Vails about her waist
That sang the songs in tender Human
Fair was she - and tall of grace
Rebust!, of white Pink silver reflection,
Green and Rose a thousand Fold -
That waved in the sunlight room
Where cowering shadows, in patience Hold -
The figure now in Sunlight gold.
The last was trimmed in old of Yellow
With flowing lust - of What we dream -
Through all the nude charms, did I follow
The very ghost of Beautie's serene.

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Ballad on joy!

Joy! is the fainting spell in ecstasy,
With spurtive charge, the forgetful dream sensations
Share the claim - that seasons us --
Whether stormy or mild, we gayly trip o'er it. -
In echo - we feel the healing Disolvement of Sound
Of Death - we real memorial Happiness and Cover
Our tables with the Great Blossoms, - the drama of life
Is forgotten - we feel sacredly merry -
The change through lofty success, where appreciation
Fades in a mist! - Like Boats lost in fogs
We dance as the inocent summer sun
In silence and awe, -- we children of God!

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On Studies

The etude of the soul - is in regard to truth of Daily life
The Bent to relief - the wakeing mind -
Shakes all in sciences, and is as raw as Nature
But the trembling treasure, revealments, lend us
The power - as daylight does, that repeats
As we concentrate, we accumalate theories
By infinite varieties - through - spiritual insight
The ease through research, are like moon and Piano
The training of animals Direct a moral
In Discovery - we find - Who last prays:

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Japanese letters

In travels - the newcomer enjoys peculiarities
The insult of Eastern manners - and quaint rough
luqy japan, where wood paper - are Houses
And phylosophy treats in tales of strange Heavens,
The picking short terminal ways -- and image Belief
As Ordinary uncommon of raising their Children
Their letters and language - like - wild Harmony's
The ends carefully - Masters of quaint delicate
Detail on their notions or Arts --
A country of Mystery and dream of infinite Stories.

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On Kiaser or King

Under charge of lofty views
Sat He proud in his garden
And that pang - that presence, - constrews
Their no creature, felt - the pardon -
The manner environment of his majesty
Ornamental Valeted - enriched with High noble
Arts and crafts of culture - and music.
The Hight of Brilliant Drawing Rooms - and
Concert Halls in Kingly Decorative Family likeness
The patriotic Built Yards, the castle entrances
The well Bred steeds. attached to the gilt and silver
Carriges - As we pass - we Bow - in return
In deep reverement feel astranged - From so famous a Being.

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Wards Island Symphonique


'Tis silent! -- early morning -- the spirit has
Fled From the paths of Hidden woe!
The Buildings seem empty though
A life here and there at times
Many at once, in Holidays come,
Among the shuffled minds
Strange an emotion - we fear there are none!


A palm of Rays from Brake O day Sun,
With a whirl of angle puff purple clouds
And the later growth - their Fathers pink grey
Tows their sweep across Heaven aspiring width,
Iast Idies Isles - near pacific coast show their
Charm the distant dwelling, as the warm illumination
Sings its classic realm. Beyond prayer and song


O god! -- love! -- thy pulsation mongst weary souls
Where unknown pain winkles its woven solitude
And the Busy Buzz of insects and Birds about the leafless
Twigs which have, reverant care along the walk
Passing By. a music sense trembles an emotion
Tis silent - early morn! the spirit has Fled From
The hidden turns,
As the sky wistfully Brightens - a deep light Fanning hue
Spreads o'er - a purple cloud of pearls,

IV (Fantasie)

The melted ruins of Egytian cursed its ghostly colors
One afternoon - at Wards Island --
Emancipating desired Freedom - strange seem the
Paved roads, each camp lettered to stay.
Nurses in their coloured garments and linear caps
move a crowd - of mystery and muse.
The breath of truth is visible a garden yard of strangeness
to each tent,
As the violin of science, Blue Heaven, singe
each Building, in search of Health and strength.
Though Knowledge of bodily care Be unknown, The deserted soul
Of corrupted Brains and visions Bent


It was a mild hour, The Island's Ferry Boat arrived
An anxious throng - many with parcels on their
way to varies wards,
The suppiour officials to see and direct their course
To each individual patient being named
Love! is truly a lost jewel, amongst the insane paths.
Oriental thoughts flitter By - and the scenic view
is of ancient abstract Blurring!
Neatly tucked in bed! - all visiters are welcome
Except those of serious condition can Be visited.


Simply relating - Brisk Atmosphere, a loud whistle.
The Boat departed, From The Island - to ManHattan
At the Broad walk - one can see the song of shapless trees
And cultured lawns around the camps
The Faded Brown Stone buildings, windows church Like
Shape, and spacious, religious structual reality
That arises in one sensational eloquence
There are no parts still uncultivated - as Birds chirp
To one another - in their monotous note
A dream of spiritual necessity - and wild Fancy - that
Hums its way - when at the Islands Bank
In a trance --.

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"Deep Waters"

The low and deep divers trail the following scenes!
The water gardens, Fed By the Vains of current
Fluid - that skim the rubber sponge plants
That wave as the palms in a strong Breeze
The ghostly sea roses of Yellow, long - and
Short growing thick stems. The thousand Branch
Wildly growing sponges - midst the stuBy sprouts,
The sea stars - the ugly strange carved trees, thousand
Unnamed Flower Beds - large covered rocks with slimy
Moss, the Shelly Bottom - and suken marines - share
The Heaven - with Fish and craB - That occupy the deep Waters

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Trees - leaneate the sky as a map - in winter
And summer we seek the Hidden Heaven
The muscle that reveals the Beautiful stately plants
As the Buds red in spring - The informed part
That Nature proud secretly Hides
Trees are Beloved as memories of old
The Orchard stalks - and Trunks - laden
with the spicie Fruits - and ground covered Blossoms
Which the wind cleans while time In Blowing gust
and muse is Here

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My "Dearest Near"

So close - we wandered together
In sun shine and in shade
The ties of love unoticed
Happy Dreams we always had
My "Dearest Near."

All about in Breezy trance
We kept ourselves together
As we wandered By lake and stream
In moody daylight weather
"Dearest Near"

Talk was Nature silence to us only
In quiet strolled we By
The Fields that Bowed in Blossoms
Ventured the ghostly lullaBy
"Dearest Near"

But thought was not with us
As we drank the flowing Breeze
And the scent that followed
From the Fields and seas.!
My "Dearest Near"

At Night, we came to our door
And merely whispered adeu!
To meet again next morning
In our simple manner - to-greet.
My Dearest Near.

In you I felt a nature Friend
But ne'er - The common cheer
Like fair Months past - to yearly land
Thy approach to me was "Dear"

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Shock of Ruined Towers discribe as follows
Flood of Johnston was the pity and wreck
Of labored distroyed cottages and Barns
afloat sadly damaged see --
From San francisco - to Rome - we know
and Heard of the disasters, The seiving
Valcanoes - that cover completely in ashes
Pompia - and small villages, Being, The Death
of many - we picture the smashed and lost
Homes - and torn and cracked. - stone Buildings
Churches - the disabled Park statues and
Museums of Arts spoiled and useless.

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Nature Arrow!

Pleased was I when meeting thee
Rouse the spirit to endure,
Pleased it was, on feeling thee
In charm - Beauties arrow!

It sank so deep - the pionard sweet
In trembling shaky motions
I felt - the feeling grow so great
to my own sinking Devotion
Death, so called -- in quiver pale
Of wonder and Healing
This plain of Fruit - and mood
To love, the infinite game
Heither to follow - through Natures arrow!

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Railroad joy!

Baggage in hand - my way to Greenfield N.J.
Mused me thus!
The regulations of trains - were in line, to find
The very kind you prefer - The Business of great
way in sensational safe spirit - The incoming
and outgoing trains - Have throngs Happily
greeting - The exiteing Blowing of Horns - for time
and Momentious calling of track - Numbers.
to trains The speeding cars and landscapes
that pass the other way - enjoy the eyes - and
rest - the wild secondary glance. while
Comfortably seated in the cars -
Attention of our sorrounding - is impossibly Restful.

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