Killoyle, An Irish Farce

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Harvey Pekar, who received an American Book Award in 1987 for his autobiographical comic book American Splendor, writes about jazz and books for a number of publications. His review of Killoyle  appeared in the October 24, 1997 issue of the Austin Chronicle.

The  Irish Emigrant  reviewed Killoyle in its August, 1997 book review.


Articles and Interviews

The Center for Book Culture site features an interview of Boylan by the poet Eamonn Wall.

The May 23, 1997 issue of the Austin Chronicle contains a short article on Boylan and Killoyle written by contributing editor Jeremy Reed.

An undated Boylan e-mail interview is available at


Buy the Books

Order Killoyle online from, Barnes and Noble, or Powell's (and in German from

Order The Great Pint-Pulling Olympiad online from

Use the Dalkey Archive Press's state-by-state listing of independent bookstores to find a bookseller in your area who carries Killoyle.

Readers in Ireland and the UK: order Killoyle online from any of the booksellers listed at the end of this page.

Literary Influences

The James Joyce Centre in Dublin hosts a Web site devoted to Joyce's life and work. The Samuel Beckett Endpage provides a short biography, photos, and more.
A good Nikos Kazantzakis site features a short bio and links to items relevant to the great Greek writer. Zembla, the Nabokov Butterfly Net has excerpts and articles related to Vladimir Nabokov.
The best Jonathan Swift resource on the Web is a comprehensive site devoted to Gulliver's Travels. From Japan comes a Laurence Sterne site with excerpts from Tristram Shandy and other works.
Thomas Hardy Miscellany is an imaginative site for Hardy enthusiasts. The Center for Book Culture's Flann O'Brien site includes an excerpt from At Swim-Two-Birds, a Gilbert Sorrentino essay, and a commentary on James Joyce by O'Brien.
The rich, varied list of authors at Texts and Contexts includes Aquinas, Dante, and Dostoyevsky. The Voltaire Foundation hosts an encyclopedic site devoted to the great philosopher. (In English and French, from Oxford University.)

Irish and American-Irish Resources

If you're looking for a Yahoo-like listing of Irish websites, try Swift, the Doras Directory, or Browse Ireland.

The Irish Writers' Centre is a forum for literary miscellany, including Irish Times interviews and various home pages.

New York Irish Network offers a pub guide, along with sports, entertainment, culture, and business links that will particularly interest Irish folk living in or visiting New York City.

Yes, there is a Gaelic League in Austin, Texas, which serves as the local Central Texas Irish-culture clearinghouse. Oddly, it's called the Gaelic League of Austin.


Killoyle in German / Killoyle auf Deutsch

Killoyle was published in German translation in 1999 under the imprint of the Hamburg publisher Rogner und Bernhard Verlag (with a different cover). The German translation (which you can buy at was done by the award-winning German translator, journalist and television personality Harry Rowohlt (1998 interview in German in the Zurich newspaper Sontags Zeitung), with whom Boylan made a successful reading and book-signing tour of Germany in January 2000 (January 2000 interview in Frankfurt with Boylan and Rowohlt in German).

Boylan and Rowohlt also appeared at the Transcendenz Conference in Vienna in March 2000.

Killoyle, read by Harry Rowohlt, has been released in German as a CD and an audiocassette.

Killoyle has been released in paperback in German under the Wilhelm Heyne imprint.

The Great Pint-Pulling Olympiad was published under the title Rückkehr nach Killoyle, Eine vorwiegend irische Farce in December 2002 (by Verlag Rogner und Bernhard, Hamburg). It was also translated by Harry Rowohlt. A review is available.

More German Killoyle Links / Mehr Killoyle-Links auf Deutsch

Berliner Morgenpost Online (

Odds and Ends

Besides being a practical resource for current residents, The Definitive Guide to the Irish Pubs of New York City will also be great fun for nostalgic ex-New Yorkers.

Malt Advocate: The Whisk(e)y Pages offers a Buyer's Guide and a variety of "informative and entertaining" writings on the subject of whisky.

Classical Music Pages is a good and growing German music site that includes biographies of composers.

Based in The Netherlands, CitroŽn Links is a worldwide compendium of links for admirers of the great French carmaker.


Literary Magazines and Websites

Literary Liaisons: Profiles, interviews and odd snippets from the World of OzLit is a good, comprehensive Australian literary website with excellent interviews and reviews.

The Web magazine Literary Traveler explores the connection between literature and place by focusing each of its issues on a different literary locale and the writers associated with it. Thomas Wolfe, Kate Chopin, Flannery O'Connor and Nella Larsen are featured in their "Home in the South" issue, and their "The Nature of New England" issue concentrates on Frost and Thoreau.

The Dalkey Archive Press site contains the publisher's backlist and other literary links.

Irish America Net maintains The Irish American Fiction Bookshelf.


Online Bookshops

Fred Hanna's Bookshop, one of the oldest and best in Dublin, is known to generations of Trinity College students.

Blackwell's, which opened its first bookshop in Oxford more than 100 years ago, bills itself as "the world's finest academic bookseller."

The big UK bookstore chain Waterstone's has a site that features a searchable catalog and ranks Killoyle as "a truly essential title".

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