Just as there are only eight pints in a gallon, there are only eight notes in an octave. transformational theory is the logical result of THE UNARGUABLE PRECEPT OF QUASI-PENDULUM STABILITY. the cycle of vibro-harmonic-astro-nihilistic stability is backward-masked within specially modified shortwave radio english broadcasts. the Rothschilds are using the Club of Rome as pawns in their scheme to hide the secret of vibro-luminescent law. GOD and his followers don't want anyone to know the cosmic truth about Holy Spirit wave psycho-ceramics and will annihilate anyone who confronts them, as they did Robert Oppenheimer. the true hidden value of pi is 3 point 7. only from vibro-luminescent law can one compute the MISSING MASS OF THE UNIVERSE. End terrorism, racism, etc -- adopt Holy Spirit reality field optics now!.