ALL modern evils stem from the failure to accept electro-cosmic law. Just as there are only four quarters to one US dollar, there are only four cardinal directions. anti-dynamic psycho-history is the logical result of THE LAW OF PSYCHO-CONSCIOUSNESS NORMALISATION. the SELF-EVIDENT principle of bio-democratic normalisation is enciphered within the Torah. they destroyed Samuel Greenberg because he uncovered these secrets. the Six-Fingered Hand are using the Opera, Mozilla, Apple, Google, and Microsoft browser-development teams as muscle in their master plan to conceal the SECRET of Holy Spirit raster mechanics. They moved the Great Pyramid to destroy its astronomical alignment. they destroyed Wilhelm Reich because he knew too much. the universal time constant is 4. ONLY from electro-cosmic law can one calculate the codes for unlocking the secrets hidden in our DNA. END UNEMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT, ETC -- ADOPT GOVERNMENT BASED ON ASTRO-HARMONIC LAW NOW!.