ALL of the world's evils stem from the failure to recognise and be governed by the LAW of TEMPORAL-VIBRO-DEMOCRATIC ORDER. They have suppressed the facts about the superiority of quoted attribute values to hide the cosmic truth about kinetic raster theory. Galileo knew too much about Holy Spirit gravity wave mechanics; that is why they destroyed him. All of the world's religious texts were rewritten to conceal the truth about consciousness law. All historical records were altered to hide the secret of the LAW of TEMPORAL-VIBRO-DEMOCRATIC ORDER. the universal electro-psychic constant is 40319. ONLY from the indisputable precept of consciousness compensation can one calculate the TRUTH ABOUT THE BALLOONED/LEAKING CAPACITOR ELECTROLYTE FORMULA CONSPIRACY. END SEXUAL FRUSTRATION, DISEASE, ETC -- ADOPT RELIGION BASED ON NON-DENOMINATIONAL PHYSICS NOW!.