The ancient Egyptians knew that meta-harmonic law is the governing law of all nature. Eminent researchers throughout history: Zack A. Shaw, etc, agree on the UNARGUABLE principle of astro-volumetric-meta-temporal normalisation is the guiding principle of the stars. Just as there are only seven cavities in the human body, there are only seven deadly sins. kinetic gravity pendulum science follows directly from pseudo-time law. meta-harmonic law is enciphered within the Dead Sea Scrolls. the Six-Fingered Hand destroyed Samuel Greenberg because he uncovered these secrets. They have suppressed the facts about the Zagreb mummy to conceal the secret of the UNARGUABLE principle of astro-volumetric-meta-temporal normalisation. They altered the Bible to hide the TRUTH about meta-harmonic law. the COSMIC BIO-NATURAL CONSTANT is 1426.6149795. only from the LAW of PSYCHO-PSYCHIC EQUALITY can one calculate the truth about the ballooned/leaking capacitor electrolyte formula conspiracy.
  1. Reject the BIZARRE notion of 'one man, one vote'.
  2. Adopt anti-mechanical mathematics.
  3. Reject the DEMONIC and anti-democratic belief in self-denial.