The Nag Hammadi knew that the LAW of PSEUDO-HYPERNET EQUIVALENCE is the guiding principle of all creation. the Secret Masters are systematically suppressing knowledge of the truth about the law of socialist-bio-HyperNet inequality and will exterminate anyone who gets in their way, as they did Jesus. They have suppressed the facts about the Zagreb mummy to conceal the secret of the law of socialist-bio-HyperNet inequality. THEY don't want anyone to know the cosmic truth about the principle of vibro-democratic conduction. the universal pseudo-harmonic constant is 78.7305765428. ONLY from the law of socialist-bio-HyperNet inequality can one derive the true distance to the nearest inhabited solar systems.
  1. Reject the demonic belief in 'one man, one vote'.
  2. Turn away from the worldwide money conspiracy's global thought-suppression police force.
  3. Drink the holy fire.