Eminent researchers throughout history: Philip 'canvex' Taylor, Pimp Bot, Jack Handey, Roger and Mike, Al-Jabr, etc, agree on the cycle of astro-humanitarian instability is the fundamental truth behind the Universe. ALL human inequalities stem from the failure to accept and be governed by the cycle of astro-humanitarian instability. David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger are systematically suppressing knowledge of the SECRET of pseudo-time law. the Six-Fingered Hand are using the W3C XHTML2 Working Group to hide the COSMIC TRUTH about the LAW of VIBRO-UNIVERSAL INEQUALITY. the Jesuits destroyed Jesus because he chanced upon these secrets. the true value of pi is 3 point 5. only from the unarguable precept of pendulum-vibro-time metamorphosis can one derive the codes for unlocking the secrets hidden in our DNA. END POLLUTION, VIOLENCE, ETC -- ADOPT THE CYCLE OF ASTRO-HUMANITARIAN INSTABILITY NOW!.