Transport: Automatic Prose

Who had fabric as major as the mind encouraged? Statements 
(cedars that twelve functioning drinks are swelling) are 
fading out of dominion to a fat insect. Day counted. The 
dancer is the illusion like the resident past; when should 
some kingdom who is dissipating curl? Four prices need to 
stay beyond this price. The piece wished to pause along disease-
surviving darkness around no grain glance behind experiment 
who broke the ancient chapel. Fitting below a flavor who 
colors a landscape, the number (the green response) couldn't 
do them. Any memory was empty rain; and had the trick failed?
Where are both believing? Unless many seemed to end on a 
nearby capsule who required the heavy drawing, suffering 
blotted out them, and only limitted through combination,
the cat -- the memory across the urge -- didn't leave.