The Logopoeia ® Family of e-staff Automation Solutions

Like many other leaders in the industry, you've already tried all the traditional cost-cutting approaches: multiple rounds of RIFs, out-sourcing development and QA testing to India, holiday shutdowns, etc. But you're finding that it's not enough, and you're looking for other areas of the business to trim.

Chop at the Top

Well, let's face it: the portion of any software company where the most fat resides is right there at its top-heavy head — the executive staff. But, until now, you've been reluctant to make cuts there because you rely on your executive staff to deliver some strategically important work products, namely:

So far, you've found that the only way to get these important work products created is to haul in a a truckload of vice presidents and directors, and set them free on the company to do their magic. You probably didn't even realize that there might be a better way. Until now.

Introducing Software Executive in a Box ®

Software Executive in a Box is Logopoeia's flagship product — the industry's first Automated Corporate Communications Solution (tm).

With Software Executive in a Box at your disposal, you're freed from the need to recruit and compensate actual executives to develop strategic concepts and initiatives to drive your business, because it is a fully automated solution for reliably and consistently producing corporate communications that independent laboratory tests have shown to be every bit as significant-sounding yet every bit as meaningless as the real thing.

Software Executive in a Box has enabled major software providers around the world to make dramatic cuts to their executive talent pool, resulting in huge cost savings (and often in significantly improved corporate communications). It has established itself as the software industry's premier Automated Corporate Communications Solution (tm), and radically reduced the costs involved in "going through the motions" of appearing to be making important business decisions and breaking new ground.

But now, Logopoeia has found a way to reduce those costs even further...

Reorg in a Box ® Arrives

After months of intensive development and testing, Logopoeia is now poised to release a solution to complete the second half of the executive-staff work-product equation: Reorg in a Box.

As a result of conducting extensive research to learn how best to meet and anticipate the software industry's current and future executive automation needs, Logopoeia's market research team made an important discovery: there is an overwhelming need in the industry to automate not just the corporate communications that executive management teams produce, but also the generation of the other key work product they provide: announcements and presentations about periodic reorganizations.

With the need identified, Logopoeia's engineering team set to work developing a best-of-class solution to meet it. The result is Reorg in a Box.

What it Does

In a nutshell, once installed, what Reorg in a Box does is to simply run as a background process, and then at a specified user-configurable interval (the default is 6 months), it wakes up and starts to automatically generate all the important "collatoral" associated with high-level company leadership reorganization: org charts, Powerpoint presentations, e-mail announcements, etc. In essence, it simply gives the appearance that an important top-down company reorganization is taking place. But since studies have shown that the work lives of most employees in most companies are never significantly affected by such reorganizations, chances are that the bulk of your employees will never realize that a reorganization hasn't actually taken place! Yet, they'll feel the same sense of inspiration and confidence that the executive team is hard at work trying to fine-tune the management structure to make the optimal use of the available resources and best meet the needs of your customers.

The Software Executive in a Box/Reorg in a Box combination is a complete e-staff automation solution that will dramatically cut your executive staffing costs regardless of the size of your company. And innovative licensing terms are available that enable the solution to grow with your business.

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