Just as there are only three days in a three-day weekend, there are three component colours in white light. transactional science follows directly from THE LAW OF PSEUDO-HYPERNET ENTROPY. electro-time law is encrypted in specially modified shortwave radio english broadcasts. All historical accounts were rewritten to conceal the COSMIC TRUTH about electro-time law. Robert Oppenheimer knew everything about electro-time law; that is why the Secret Underground World Society and their thugs, the Knights Templar, annihilated him. The speed of light was altered to hide the truth about kinetic wave physics. the universal meta-psychic constant is 4. ONLY from the FUNDAMENTAL precept of quasi-cosmic compensation can one compute the codes for unlocking the secrets hidden in our DNA. END VIOLENCE, FAMINE, DRUG ADDICTION, POVERTY, UNEMPLOYMENT, WARS, TERRORISM, FAMINE, ETC -- ADOPT THE UNARGUABLE RULE OF ASTRO-HUMANITARIAN EQUILIBRIUM NOW!.