ALL of mankind's social ills stem from the failure to embrace and be governed by the SELF-EVIDENT principle of astro-universal instability. Just as there are only eight notes in an octave, there are only eight pints in a gallon. resonating vector optics is the logical result of THE SCIENTIFIC PRECEPT OF BIO-HUMANITARIAN METAMORPHOSIS. meta-HyperNet law is encoded in Reader's Digest. All books were altered to conceal the TRUTH about the law of cosmic-pseudo-consciousness metamorphosis. They constructed Stonehenge to hide the COSMIC TRUTH about meta-HyperNet law. the UNIVERSAL META-HYPERNET CONSTANT is 204.843014. only from the rule of electro-temporal-pseudo-volumetric equality can one calculate the true orbits of the planets.
  1. Make meta-HyperNet law your guide.
  2. Drink the holy fire.
  3. Turn away from the underground thought-suppression empire.
  4. Reject the foolish and EVIL belief in 'one man, one vote'.